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Between the historic cities IJsselstein and Montfoort the area Neder-Oudland is situated. This area, which is already found on drawings from the 14th century, is located between the river Hollandse IJssel and the Achtersloot.  


At the end of the 18th century the characteristic farmhouse 't Groenewoud was build which owns its name to the green environment during that period.  


After three genertion of livestock farming and argiculture we, Jochem and Gerline Lekkerkerker, decided to change the destination of our farm in 2010. 


During a visit to our familiy in Canada, we get in contact with the beautiful cow breed named Aberdeen Angus, better known as the Black Angus.


Today, a couple of more than 80 cows graze on the meadows near the Hollandse IJssel. We strive to allow the cows to graze outside for as long as possible. When the weather allows, the cows go out in the spring and we will bring them in at the end of autumn.


During the winter the cows stay in a so-called straw barn. This means that every day a new layer of straw is applied on top of the old layer of straw. In this way the manure is 'hoarded ' but the cow always has a clean surface available. The advantage of the straw barn is the maximum freedom of movement of the cows, which makes it unnecessary to separate mother and calf from each other.


We are convinced that it is important that our cows are treated with care and love. Not only the time on our farm, but also after it. This is done by a carefully selected slaughterhouse where the cows treated in the same way as they are used to. Ultimately, all this will contribute to the desired result: 100% quality meat.


To complete our ' dream farm' we made the decision to renovate an old barn and changed it into bed and Breakfast. During the year we welcome guests from all over the world. The spacious apartments with their characteristic atmosphere offers our guests a unique experience. Curious about our B&B? View the Apartments


We look forward to welcome you on our farm.




Achtersloot 182

3401 DE, IJsselstein


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The farm

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