the farm

Located between the historical cities of IJsselstein and Montfoort, we find a polder named Neder-Oudland. This polder, which originates from the 14th century, is placed between the two local rivers called De Hollandse IJssel and De Achtersloot.


At the end of the 18th century, a picturesque and classical farm was built in this area. The farm was called ‘t Groenewoud (which means ‘the green forest’) and was named after the green and natural environment it was located in.


Three generations of farmers have passionately kept the cattle and agricultural farm alive. In 2010 we, Jochem and Gerline Lekkerkerker, decided to change directions.


When visiting family in Canada, we first met a robust beef cattle breed called Aberdeen Angus, also known as the Black Angus. From the first moment on, we have fallen in love with this prominent cow and decided to exchange our traditional milk cattle for this astonishing breed.    


Nowadays, a cattle of over 80 animals grazes on the fields next to the Hollandse IJssel. We want our cows to live in open air as long as the weather conditions allow for it. Spring is the first time of the year that the cattle goes out and our cows won’t return to the barn before the autumn.


In winter times, the cattle remains in a special type of barn called a ‘Potstal’. This type of barn is unique as each single day a fresh layer of straw is added on the bed of straw which was already present. In this way, fertilizer is captured in the lower layers of the straw and at the same time the cows have a clean surface every day. The advantage of this type of barn is that the cows have maximal freedom of movement so that it is not needed to separate the mother from her calf.


We find it extremely important that our cattle is treated with love and respect, not only at farm but also at the moment of slaughter. This is done by a carefully selected partner who respects the cow as much as we do. Eventually, this contributes to the desired result: 100% high quality meat.

To complete our ‘dream farm’, we rebuilt an old shed into a luxurious Bed and Breakfast. Throughout the year, we happily invite our guests from all over the world in our B&B. The characteristic and spacious apartments provide peace and calm in the unique landscape.


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We are looking forward to welcoming you on our farm!